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The EDX220 Folded Dipole Antenna is for business, trunking, public safety, railroad, PTC, and government applications. For any applications that require full frequency coverage and wider bandwidth, this is the ideal antenna. Positive train control or PTC is for automatically stopping a train before a collision. It is the final line of defense against collisions or derailments.

Reliable Performance: Rated at 250 watts and 4 dBi gain, you can expect years of continuous service.

Rugged Construction: EDX220 PTC Folded Dipole provides radiating elements are copper & copper alloy. In addition, they have a fiberglass radome for total environmental protection.

Weatherproof: The fiberglass radome is ultraviolet inhibited. Furthermore, the heavy wall aluminum mounting sleeve is epoxy coated for superior weather protection.

Lightweight: These antennas are lightweight at less than 4 lbs. but easily withstand winds of over 150 MPH.

Simple installation: The EDX220 PTC Folded Dipole easily mounts on a 1.9″ diameter (aluminum Schedule 40) mast, which is not supplied.

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EDX Series Spec Sheet