RFID Panel Antenna

Frequency: 902-928 MHz
Gain: 6 dBic

The PN6-915 RFID Reader Antenna is a great design for mid-range coverage. It is a popular solution for many RFID systems. In addition, they have been used for applications in the ISM 915 band.

It is suitable for either in-building or outside installation. This RFID antenna design features right-hand or left-hand circular polarization. It provides a generous pattern of 80 degrees in both azimuth and elevation. Furthermore, this compact, low profile patch antenna is housed in a weather-tight radome.

These patch antennas are small 5.75 in, (14.6 cm) square and attractive. When mounted on a wall the compact mounting configuration only requires a maximum of 2.7 inch (6.9 cm) clearance. The PN6-915 radome is a durable ASA material, finished in white. The standard
mounting hardware provided includes a swivel wall mount and a stainless steel clamp for pole mounting.

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