Iridium® & GPS Combination Surface Mount Antenna

Cable 1: 1616-1626.5 MHz, 3.5 dBi, RHCP
Cable 2: 1575 MHz, 26 dB LNA, 5 dBi

The SM-1620/1575 is an Iridium® & GPS combination antenna. It has been certified by Iridium Communications, Inc. for commercial use in connection with the Iridium communications systems.

The antenna is ideal for long distance truckers, military vehicles, mining operations, or freight trains.

It consists of both an Iridium antenna module and a GPS antenna module.

The  module provides 3.5 dBi gain over the entire 1616-1626.5 MHz range and is fed with an LLP-95 cable.

The GPS antenna module provides LNA 26 dB and 5 dBi nominal RHCP at 1575 MHz and is fed with an RG-174 cable.

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SM-1620 Radiation Pattern