WA Series

Wayside Rail Antenna

3-cables: 2xCellular, GPS

Cable 1: 694-894 MHz, 2 dBi & 1710-2170 MHz, 5 dBi
Cable 2: 694-894 MHz, 2 dBi & 1710-2170 MHz, 5 dBi
Cable 3: 1575 MHz, LNA 26 dB, 5 dBi gain

The WA Series Antenna was designed for Wayside Wireless systems.

These systems rely on multiple wireless technologies to track trains as they cover long distances between train stations. Designed & built with heavy duty construction to survive the rigors of railroad use.

This antenna combines Cellular LTE and GPS. This antenna contains 3-elements all within the same radome. The first and second elements cover 694-894 & 1710-2170 MHz and the third covers GPS at 1575 MHz.

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WA Series Antennas Radiation Pattern