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Cable Assemblies and Connectors

Mobile Mark offers custom Cable Assemblies that are built to order. A variety of Assembly Options on styles and connectors are available. In addition, Cable Assemblies are for site antennas with integrated connectors. They can be used when longer cable runs are needed to extend a standard mobile antenna configuration.

  • Custom RF cable assemblies built to order
  • All cable assemblies and connectors are 50 ohm
  • State-of-the-art stripping and crimping machines
  • Extensive quality checks
  • connect site antennas into infrastructure radios
  • Extend Mobile antenna cables for larger vehicle installations

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Cable Flyer

LL-195 Cable

Standard cable for applications above 2.5 GHz. Suited for cable runs over 15 feet (4.5 meters) or in high frequency applications. 


Work horse cable and is suitable for applications up to 2.7 GHz. It is best suited for cable runs under approximately 20ft (6 meters).


Very small (approx. 0.1”/2.5 mm) flexible
cable best suited for mobile/portable applications up to 1900 MHz. It can be used in short runs up to 2.7 GHz. For miniature sized connectors it has the widest options available.

LMR-195 FR (Flame Retardant)

Non-halogen (non-toxic), low smoke, fire retardant cable. Can be fitted with the same variety of connectors. It meets NFPA 90A standards.

Smart Highway


Low Loss alternative for RG-174 with the same diameter. It can be used with the same range of connectors. The cable is well shielded but is still flexible and easy to handle.


Lower Loss cable than RF-195 and best suited for longer cable runs from 20 ft – 50 ft (6 meters – 15 meters) as well as for higher frequency applications up to 6 GHz or more.



Best suited for long runs & higher frequency applications. Approximately 0.405” diameter (10 mm), it might be too large for some mobile installs, but is perfect for every base station transmitter or access point. Longer lead times may apply.



Lowest loss cable we offer. It is a premium low loss cable. It is suitable for base station installations where the antenna may be mounted on a tower with long runs of cable.

Contact us for the complete list of the different types of connectors to go with the cables installed on the antenna. 

Common Connectors Used

Antennas are generally specified as Jack or Plug to indicate which mating connector should be used. Some antennas are specified as “Reverse” connector indicating that the presence or absence of the center pin is opposite to the standard configuration of a Jack or Plug connector. For example, a reverse polarity SMA Jack connector would consist of the outer housing typically found on a Jack connector but it would be missing the typical center pin.

Right-angle configurations are also available for a select number of connectors such as the SMA, TNC, MCX, and MMCX.

You can customize an Antenna online at our eStore, and specify the type of connector. Otherwise, read more about our various Cable Assemblies

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Related Accessories

Crimp Tools & Cable Strippers
For attaching or replacing your own cable connectors, a ratchet crimp tool is offered. The standard crimp tool accepts various hex dies. A quick spinning cable stripper is an almost effortless way to properly prepare cable for crimping a connector. They are designed to prep cable more precisely than using a hand strip tool.

Cable/Connector Sealing
If you are using a product outdoors, it is always a good idea to use one of the mastic kits designed to seal up connector and cable junctions. Even if the connector is used in a seemingly protected environment, condensation can cause moisture to buildup in connectors. Over time, that moisture can move into cable and reduce the performance significantly.

RF Connector Adapters
Sometimes a quick change is needed for an existing antenna or cable to interface with a different connector. RF adapters provide a quick way of changing the connecting style to exactly what is needed.

Connector Adapters
SMA Plug Adapter to TNC Jack
Rev Polarity TNC Plug to TNC Jack
TNC Jack to N Plug Adapter
SMA Jack to N Plug Adapter
SMA Jack to Rev. Pol. SMA Plug