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Embedded World 2021 DIGITAL

Our line of embedded antennas will be featured DIGITALLY at Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2021 taking place from
1st – 5
th March 2021.

The DIGITAL world of Embedded Solutions!

This year Embedded World Exhibition & Conference is going VIRTUAL! Mobile Mark offers a number of device, embedded and covert antennas suited for M2M and IoT units.  Some of these antennas cover specific bands and others are wide-banded. 

We offer flexibility with off-the-shelf or custom-designed embedded antennas. For applications requiring covert mounting, our low profile, impact-resistant antennas can be mounted internally or externally. Solutions include the antenna board itself, as well as an antenna board in an over-molded, or custom-shaped radome. Installation settings can include Smart Lighting, Parking Meters, Public Bike Rental, Drones, ATMs, and Vending Machines. 

Here’s more on our line of embedded, compact, and device antenna solutions! 


Embedded Antennas

Flexible LTE Internal 
695-960 & 1710-2700 MHz
Bend Radius: 2.5″ (6.35cm)

Dual Embedded
ISM 863-928 MHz
PCB Flexible Circuit Board

Embedded Board
694-960 & 1710-2750 MHz
Small Footprint

Internal Circuit Board
824-960 & 1500-2200 MHz
Wide Bandwidth Cov.

Device Antennas

Broadband Device
694-960 & 1710-2700 MHz
Adjustable Knuckle Swivel 

Quarterwave Device
870-960 MHz
Extremely Slim

Broadband Device
870-960 MHz
Rubber Duck Style

Halfwave Device
3400-3700 MHz
Rubber Duck Style

Compact & Covert Antennas


Water Proof 4G LTE
694-960 & 1700-2700 MHz
Very Slim Profile


Covert Multiband Antenna
2x LTE, 2x WiFi, 1x GNSS
MIMO Coverage


Overmold Dual Band
2.4-2.5 & 4.9-6.0 GHz
3 dBi Peak Gain


Nexus Series
Low Profile/Compact
2.4-2.5 & 4.9-6.0 GHz